Pools in a Small Area

Elegant Small Yard Pools

Do you consider your yard to be too small for a pool? Then you should find some pictures of small yard pools and see how landscape designers solve this problem. For example, a pool can be situated along house facade in the lower layer of the yard. A broad porch with a tent will replace a terrace. You could put deckchairs on the lawn adjacent to the pool and use flowerbed fence as a bench.

Concerning other ideas of making small pools for small yards, pool side boards can be broadened and connected to the porch. Twining plants can form a green wall from one side of the pool, and potted plants can be placed next to the other pool sides. A chessboard pattern of the area with concrete and grassy squares will make your small yard greener.

Nice Small Pools For Small Yards

A pool can be situated in the center of the yard as well. Though, in this case it will be quite narrow, with long narrow lawns on both sides. Deckchairs can be situated right on the broad side boards of the pool. It is possible to swim in such a pool, despite that it is not very long. And if you still have no idea how to place a pool in your really small yard, think of some decorative pond or not very noisy fountain at least. Water will give more air and freshness to your outdoor area.

16 Photos of the Pools in a Small Area

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