Weeping Willow: Interesting Landscaping Ideas


A weeping willow is considered to be one of the most interesting and picturesque trees for a garden. They just start gaining popularity and are used by both designers and ordinary gardeners. Weeping willow trees look good on the areas of various kinds. They can be swamped zones, designer gardens, and usual territories near houses covered with grass.

Despite a weeping willow tree is a decorative tree, it is easy to care about it. This is a tree which can, actually, live without people’s attention. But if you want it to have decorative features, you should care about it timely. Though, willows grow well on areas of any kind. Even if the ground has no useful components, a willow will take roots there. A willow can make a territory dry, but it will need several years for that. Willows are considered to be moisture-loving plants and can grow in such conditions where most trees cannot live.

There are a lot of variants of this plant. A goat willow is very popular now. Its sticks are very long and smelly. This willow blooms one of the first among trees of this kind. A wooly willow and net-leaf willow are also widely used for garden decoration. The last one grows among rocks perfectly. By the way, its leaves can be white, green, and even a little bit pink. So, here you really have what to think about.

9 Photos of the Weeping Willow: Interesting Landscaping Ideas

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