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It is hard to imaging a garden without bushes and trees. In contrast to various flowers, they please us with their look during the whole year round. A tree composition in a garden depends on the garden style and its general look. If aesthetic look of your yard or garden is important for you, think of various bushes you could use. Bushes can form a fence, divide the garden territory into zones, decorate the entrance to the garden or hide some elements.

There are various types of bushes and various classifications. Bushes are classified according to their freeze resistance, for example. Or they can be classified according to the extent they demand light. Some of them like light very much, but some of them need shade and can even die under the direct sunlight.

Bushes and Trees Review

Some bushes have very beautiful flowers. The most popular bush in this case is a rose bush. Peonies look gorgeous as well. More blooming bushes: lilac, snowball bush, hawthorn, spireae, rhododendrons, hydrangeas. Each of these bushes blooms in different time of the year, and this is a great benefit for your garden. But even those bushes that do not bloom are very beautiful due to their exuberant foliage. Their leaves change their colors depending on a season and make bushes one of the focal point of your place.

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