Pecan Trees to Welcome and Treat Your Guests

Pecan Tree Landscaping For Shade

If you like to spend great time with your friends and family in your garden, think of pecan tree for landscaping. Pecan trees are beautiful and their nuts are really tasty. They can be used as treatment for your guests or baked in a pie.

Before you decide in favor of planting pecan trees in your garden think if your climate is really good for them. Sometimes people experience problems with a fungus called pecan scab. If humidity is high and rainfalls often happen, it is better to refuse from the idea. In addition, pecan trees love sun and space. If you have chosen a landscape design with pecan tree, do not plant it close to your house. When you plant several pecan trees, plant them quite far from each other in order their branches could not touch each other. This is also important to prevent squirrels from jumping from one tree to another one, since squirrels can make harm to pecan harvest. It is also essential to prune pecan trees on a regular basis. Pecan trees grow really fast; their branches can easily break, so pruning is very important.

Pecan Tree Low Maintaince Landscape

If you still feel like landscaping with pecan tree, it will be a lovely choice of you. Pecan trees will successfully decorate your garden, and pecans will be a tasty treatment for your guests. We wish you and your guests tasty holidays and no troubles with these incredible plants!

9 Photos of the Pecan Trees to Welcome and Treat Your Guests

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