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Mulberry Tree For Your Garden

A mulberry tree is represented by 2-120 species depending on the kind of classification. It is very widespread in India, Japan, and China. It has a great value as a medicinal plant. In spite the fact that this tree originated from the south, it can also be successfully planted in other parts of the world, since it is freeze and draught resistant, as well as fast-growing.

Now decorative species of a mulberry tree exist. They are widely used for landscape design. A mulberry tree is planted in spring or in autumn. It is better to choose a place where the direct sunlight is present. When you purchase a mulberry tree, choose three-year old nurslings that have already given berries.

Nice Mulberry Tree In Front Yard

A mulberry tree needs being fertilized sometimes. Fertilizing should take place in early spring and early summer. You should not fertilize the soil under your tree in later periods, since in this case it will grow too much. Young branches will not be able to form to the end before winter time comes and this is why will die. Remember that the berries not only smell and taste well, but also have healing properties. They are recommended for those who have metabolism disorder. When you grow up a mulberry tree in your garden, remember of its magic properties that came to us from legends.

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