Hawthorn for Landscaping

Marvelous Hawthorn Tree For Landscaping

Hawthorn trees have been used for urban greening since long ago and now become more and more popular in outdoor area landscaping. A hawthorn tree has a lot of useful features: it is beautiful, long-living, resistant to dust and drought, stands pruning well, gives eatable fruit etc.

Hawthorn trees are attractive the whole year round. They are beautiful in spring when being in blossom, in summer when having berries, in fall when their leaves are yellow, red, and orange, and in winter due to interesting branch pattern. While landscaping with hawthorn trees try to plant them separately from other trees and plants. They can be planted in groups for a landscape composition or for creating alleys.

Nice Hawthorn Tree

Hawthorn trees have good qualities for making hedges: crown thickness and density and quick growing after pruning. Such hedges are hard to go through due to burr presence. Keep in mind that if you use apple or pear trees for a hedge, do not use a hawthorn tree, since these trees are injured by the same depredators, and it will make coping with them quite difficult. You can also make interesting figures using a hawthorn tree for landscaping: pyramids, columns, hemispheres, ovoid crowns etc. Take hawthorn trees with small leaves for this purpose.

12 Photos of the Hawthorn for Landscaping

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