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Ficus Tree For Your Garden

A ficus tree is represented by more than 800 species. Some of them are used as house plants, but most of them are still trees and bushes planted in a garden. Ficus grows in great amounts in Asia, America, and Africa. It is used as a decorative plant, food, and even religious symbol. It is a ficus tree, under which Buddha reached enlightenment. Initially a ficus tree is a landscape tree or bush with a splendid crown. Ficus flowers are too small and have no value.

Ficus adores bright light. Though, only those plants can remain under direct sunlight, which got used to that. So, it is better to keep it in relative shade. Do not water ficus too much, especially it concerns winter time. The ground should get dry between waterings. Water should be warm, since ficus reacts on cold quite negatively.

Old Ficus Tree

As for some other ficus tree care issues, plant it in a good, fertile soil. Ficus should be fertilized with mineral and organic fertilizers in spring and summer once in two weeks. It is not necessary to fertilize it in winter. Dust from the leaves should be washed away once in a month in a warm shower. All the unhealthy, yellow, rotten leaves should be removed. Many people consider that having a ficus tree means luck and wealth!

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