Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree For Your Garden

A cherry tree is one of the most popular fruit trees planted in a garden. A cherry blossom tree has a decorative look, and its berries are very delicious. This tree is easy to care and can grow in any soil and any climate conditions. It is the most winter-hardy plant among all the fruit trees. It grows in shade well, though gives good harvest only when lightening is enough.

The best places for planting a cherry tree are southern, south-western, and western slopes, as wells as raised plains. These conditions promote removal of excessive water during spring freezing. Too much water affects cherry tree roots and leads to dying of the tree.

Cherry Blossom Centerpieces For Your Garden

The main care methods for a cherry tree are the same as for other fruit trees. Starting from spring and during the whole vegetative period the soil near a cherry tree should be free from weeds. The tree stands drought quite well, but it would be great to water it sometimes, though. It should be watered for the first time right after blossoming. The second time is when the berries start growing in size. The last time a cherry tree should be watered in late November, after the leaves fall down. You can use cherry trees and bushes for beautiful landscape design. Cherry blossom centerpieces always look nice and attract everyone’s attention.

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