Apples in Your Romantic Garden

Apple Trees for Garden

Why not to choose apple trees for your garden? These trees are not only beautiful, but also very useful, since they give many fruits each year. These fruit trees look nice in every season, and you can have not just ordinary apple trees, but cut them in a specific way. What are the variants of decorating a garden with apple tress?

You can plant a single apple tree in a garden or yard. It can be the main element of your outdoor area, but can also remain out of sight and just used for harvesting. It is better not to plant an apple tree near benches, since apples will fall down and can injure someone.

Apple Trees for Garden

Two apple trees look very romantic. For example, they can be planted not far from a driveway and invite guests to your yard and house.

It is possible to prune apple trees in different shapes. Several trees can have U- or V-shapes. All this looks really impressive. The only secret is regular pruning in winter and summer.

Apple tree alleys are good only in a case if you have a spacious area near your house. In this case you will have a great picture in your garden in winter due to wavy branches. In spring your garden will be totally in blossom, in summer the look of forming fruit will be really touching, and in fall you will have many apples for yourself!

Goodly Apple Trees In Front Yard

12 Photos of the Apples in Your Romantic Garden

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