Rocks in Your Garden: How to Place Stones Correctly


Those who like philosophy of the East will be delighted at the idea of Japanese rock garden which really helps to relax. It is not very hard to fulfill this idea, especially since there are a lot of variants of such a landscape composition. Every kind of this design reflects the inner self of its creator.

Many people think that rock garden designs are not a big problem. The most important point is to choose the idea which will become the basis for plan fulfillment. One of the most interesting variants is the idea of harmony of the four elements: air, water, fire, and the element which is connected with the forces of Earth. A stone is associated with the last one, that is why it is put in the centre of the composition. There are plants in this kind of rock garden landscaping, because their life is impossible without air. So, some space must be around the plants in order they could breathe. Somewhere between decorative stones a brook must be situated.

A small waterfall would be perfect in this case. Vacant space can be filled with pebbles or sand. A path behind the composition will make it even more perfect. It can not only surround the zone, but also lead further, beyond the limits of your beautiful garden. Do not forget that it is very important to define where the background, middle ground, and foreground will be.

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