Decorative Rocks Next to Your House


River slicks are rocks taken from a river bank. In many cases they are a perfect decision for garden design. They can bring to your garden or yard a spirit of nature. Besides, a lot of interesting colors will make your place more interesting. These rocks can be red, white, grey, and their combination will look perfect if you manage to arrange the stones right.

First of all, a path of slicks can be made. In this case you should think about curves your “creek” will have. Straight stony paths will surely look unnatural. Use concrete in order to fix the slicks properly. But, actually, it is possible to lay them down in the trench.

You could also make mosaic for your patio right in your garden. All mosaic sections can be filled with stones, but it is also possible to use slicks only for some part of it. Sort your slicks out according to colors and sizes. Actually, the way you sort them out depends on your mosaic design. You may make sections of different colors or mix the slicks. In order to make mosaic you will need concrete. Lay your river slicks down in a trench and tap them with a small hammer. Tap hard enough to fix the stones in concrete, but be careful not to break them with a tool.

So, as you can see, even stones can be applied for garden design, you just have to use your imagination.

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