A Self-Made Rock River for Your Garden


Designers use different tricks in order to transform usual gardens into fantastic zones for having a rest. A river rock garden is one of the most popular ideas of modern landscaping where water is not present, but only stones that imitate a brook. The main advantage of this design element is that it is possible to create a dry brook without significant expenses.

This kind of decoration is widely used in Japan. Water is associated with purity and longing for life there. Dry brooks are popular in this country, especially in the places where water cannot be used for landscape design.

There are some reasons why a dry brook is better than a brook with water. First, you can create the brook with your own hands, without any significant efforts. Second, it can be created fast, just in two or three days. Another reason is easy care: you just have to maintain the shape of the brook getting rid of weeds. It is safe for little children. Besides, mosquitoes will not love this place as much as they love real water.

The contours of the brook depend on the garden peculiarities. When you decide what size and shape of the brook will have, you may choose material and its quantity. Both big rocks and small pebbles will be good for the river rock garden ideas fulfillment.

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