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When you choose limestone boulders for your landscaping, you should think not only of the place they will take, but also of the grade of your limestones. You should know that there is an organization which rates materials according to their durability. This organization is called “ASTM International”. There are three grades of limestones. Type 1 is the least durable. It is not good for arranging walkways which are constantly stepped on, for example. In this case it is better to use type 3 limestones, since they are good for any conditions and any climate, even for very wet one. So, it is better for each limestone landscape rock to have an appropriate durability grade.

A lot of ideas of using limestones in landscaping can be applied. You can even build garden walls of this material. A limestone consists of many ingredients. They are plants, fossils, sand, rock, and mud. Limestones have a great advantage: they can be of various colors, starting with white and ending with black. Red limestones are also known. It looks very beautiful when people use various combinations of limestones to build patios, for instance.

Inviting Limestone Landscape Rock

Limestone rocks can be used for making paths, fire pit, and, again, patios and garden walls. The most important thing here is to take limestones of an appropriate grade for your garden!

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