Japanese Garden for Your Harmony


Japanese gardens can be different: some of them are meant for meditation, some for entertainment, some for walks, and, eventually, gardens for tea ceremonies. But no matter what the purpose for garden creation is, aesthetic principles are more or less the same. If you follow them, you will have harmonious space full of delight and peace. You will see that your own garden can become the most perfect place you have ever seen.

A Japanese rock garden is natural landscape in miniature. It has some elements which can be found in nature, but have a smaller size. Stones symbolize mountains, a brook – an ocean. One trick can be used in this case: bigger stones can be put at the foreground and smaller stones at the background, in order it could seem that the smaller stones are much farther.

A Japanese garden cannot be symmetrical. It cannot have a straight path right in the middle of the composition. In our case the path must be winding, and all the objects (a tea house, pond, tree, lantern, fence) must be situated cornerwise to it.

A garden meant for walks never can be totally open for the view. There are secret places in it: a pond behind a rock, a small island with a single tree not far from a bridge, a lantern next to boxwood bushes. A lot of surprises everywhere!

14 Photos of the Japanese Garden for Your Harmony

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