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Idea For Stone Mulch

What are the benefits of mulching? First of all, mulching prevents soil evaporation near the roots of the plants. It also protects roots from extreme temperatures: overheating in summer and overcooling in winter. In a case if mulch is organic, it enriches soil with useful substances and improves its structure. Mulching protects plants from garden pests. Mulch under plants looks good and natural improving the garden appearance. It protects plants from soil decay. Mulch is especially useful for strawberry, pumpkins, and cucumbers.

There are two kinds of mulch: organic and nonorganic. Stone is popular for nonorganic mulch. Stone mulch stabilizes soil and improves appearance of a garden. It provides isolation from bad weather. Rock mulch can also serve as the edge of a flower-bed. Due to it the soil will not be washed away.

Best Rock Mulch

Gravel, pebble, broken stone, crushed granite or marble look very nice. Since these materials do not deteriorate, it is better to use them for mulching soil under trees or bushes. 2-3cm will be enough for stopping weed growth. Decorative mulch can change your garden appearance for better in a short term. In addition, this is a simple, quite cheap, and effective mean of a garden landscaping.

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