“Idle” Gardens for Minimum Efforts

What is a low maintenance garden? First, we should say that it has nothing to do with a garden full of weeds or a neglected garden. Any garden must be maintained. Every person has his or her vision of low maintenance landscaping: someone does not like to cut a lawn, and someone considers it to be a real pleasure. The same can be said about watering and other garden works. So, this is a matter […]

Create Your Kind of Landscape near Your Cottage

If you have a cottage or just a country house, you surely have space for embodiment of your creative ideas. Cottage landscaping ideas mean most often that you can decorate your garden with flowers of different kinds and colors. You can find a lot of pictures reflecting interesting ways of decorating the area near a house. You have a chance to play with colors, forms, and height of the plants. The only thing you must […]