Japanese Garden on a Small Area

How can people create small rock gardens without refusing of the idea to expand the space visually? This task fulfillment seems to be impossible, but some designers can preserve atmosphere of a real Japanese garden despite of using a big number of decoration elements. A walk through a small rock garden can be inspiring as well. One of the most attractive corners here can be a group of modern fountains with vases full of stones. […]

A Self-Made Rock River for Your Garden

Designers use different tricks in order to transform usual gardens into fantastic zones for having a rest. A river rock garden is one of the most popular ideas of modern landscaping where water is not present, but only stones that imitate a brook. The main advantage of this design element is that it is possible to create a dry brook without significant expenses. This kind of decoration is widely used in Japan. Water is associated […]

Japanese Garden for Your Harmony

Japanese gardens can be different: some of them are meant for meditation, some for entertainment, some for walks, and, eventually, gardens for tea ceremonies. But no matter what the purpose for garden creation is, aesthetic principles are more or less the same. If you follow them, you will have harmonious space full of delight and peace. You will see that your own garden can become the most perfect place you have ever seen. A Japanese […]

Rocks in Your Garden: How to Place Stones Correctly

Those who like philosophy of the East will be delighted at the idea of Japanese rock garden which really helps to relax. It is not very hard to fulfill this idea, especially since there are a lot of variants of such a landscape composition. Every kind of this design reflects the inner self of its creator. Many people think that rock garden designs are not a big problem. The most important point is to choose […]

Each Garden Can Become the Best Nowadays

There are a lot of garden styles, and everyone chooses a style which he or she likes most of all. But there is also contemporary landscape design which corresponds to the epoch we live in. So, what is a contemporary garden and how is it possible to create it near your house? Technology development, urbanization, fast way of life are reflected in contemporary garden design too. Like other styles, contemporary style has many directions that […]

Simple Landscape Design: Peculiarities and Fresh Ideas

First of all, we should say that nice, picturesque, but simple garden designs require preparation. There are different stages of this process. In the beginning the area must be divided into zones which are a garden, flowerbeds, rest zone, area for children, and place for utility supplies. At the second stage a drawing should be made where paths, plant areas are marked. At the same time greening plan must be made, since it is an […]

Lights Will Make Your Garden Cozy

During a long time landscape lighting is considered to be less significant than interior lighting. But now everyone who has a garden understands that it is nice not only to admire beautiful trees and flowers during the day, but also to see how effective a garden looks at night. Landscape lighting design is an important part of work with any garden. Garden lighting can be either functional or decorative. The task of functional lighting is […]

“Idle” Gardens for Minimum Efforts

What is a low maintenance garden? First, we should say that it has nothing to do with a garden full of weeds or a neglected garden. Any garden must be maintained. Every person has his or her vision of low maintenance landscaping: someone does not like to cut a lawn, and someone considers it to be a real pleasure. The same can be said about watering and other garden works. So, this is a matter […]

Create Your Kind of Landscape near Your Cottage

If you have a cottage or just a country house, you surely have space for embodiment of your creative ideas. Cottage landscaping ideas mean most often that you can decorate your garden with flowers of different kinds and colors. You can find a lot of pictures reflecting interesting ways of decorating the area near a house. You have a chance to play with colors, forms, and height of the plants. The only thing you must […]