Another Useful Job for Our World

Landscape architecture jobs are much-in-demand now. Landscape architects are not just designers who can match colors and shapes. This occupation presupposes that a person is a specialist in planning, managing, and designing of land. Landscape architecture firms provide services which concern architecting and designing of everything what is around. They work both in urban and country areas. They deal with parks, zoos, gardens, and even highways. Landscape architecture workers combine science and designing. They make […]

Space Saving in a Small Patio

If your patio is not big and it is impossible to put a lot of things there, it is still possible to use some tricks that will help you save enough space. Below you will find some small patio ideas. First of all, you can use built-in furniture in your patio. This can be built-in benches, for example. In this case you will need no additional chairs around your table and save really much space. […]

Decorative Rocks Next to Your House

River slicks are rocks taken from a river bank. In many cases they are a perfect decision for garden design. They can bring to your garden or yard a spirit of nature. Besides, a lot of interesting colors will make your place more interesting. These rocks can be red, white, grey, and their combination will look perfect if you manage to arrange the stones right. First of all, a path of slicks can be made. […]

Perfect Layout for a Small Garden

In winter time garden planning will give you some inspiration and will be useful, since when it is eventually summer, you will be ready to make your dream come true. First thing you have to do is to look for appropriate small front garden ideas and think what design your garden will have. If your garden is really small, every inch should be taken into account and be well-planned. Flowers and walkways are always necessary […]

Your Visiting Card: Front Garden

When you are going to arrange your front garden in a beautiful way, the first thing you should do is to estimate your efforts. Think how much time you can spend on working on your front garden design. Arrangement itself will take some time and money from you. And do not forget that after the work is done you will have to spend some efforts on taking care of all the flowers and lawns. Always […]

Interesting Design Ideas for the Area around Trees

There are a lot of variants how to landscape around trees. The most traditional construction is a round one where short-growing flowers are planted, as a rule. Short plants usually grow closer to a trunk. If the basis of the tree can be seen only from one side or the tree grows close to a fence or some other constructions, it is advisable to arrange asymmetrical or semicircular flower bed. Monochrome landscaping around trees looks […]

Fountain in a Yard: Small Luxury near a House

If earlier you didn’t think about arranging a fountain in your yard, this article is just for you, since now it’s time to prepare for summer days when rest in the fresh air will be so desirable. We should mention that it is better to let specialists arrange small backyard fountains. Of course, you can do it yourself if your have enough knowledge and qualification, but you will hardly manage to create such a harmonious […]

Patios for Small Yards

Perhaps, the area near your house is smaller than you desire, but correct patio designs for small backyards will help you create additional space. Despite that small backyard patios do not take much space, you should pay to it as much attention as to the rest of the yard. Be especially careful with choosing materials, since it is them that are the basis of a new construction. Think also of the size of the patio. […]

Water Is a Useful Decoration for Every Yard

Many people believe that a simple and small pool in small backyard is a necessary element which is needed for those who would like to refresh during a hot summer day. Someone thinks that building a pool for a small backyard is a very hard thing. But the result is really impressive: you will discover a new kind of entertainment right next to your place! All you need is imagination, smart planning, and just some […]

Ideas How to Design Your Small Backyard

A backyard is a thing you need for cozy atmosphere around your house. Here you will find some ideas for landscaping a small backyard. Divide your backyard into several zones. Create several areas: for rest, cooking, having a meal. Due to technology development you can have in your yard almost everything you have in a house. Use the same colors and small backyard ideas that you used for the inner space of your house. Thus, […]