Patios for Small Yards

Perhaps, the area near your house is smaller than you desire, but correct patio designs for small backyards will help you create additional space. Despite that small backyard patios do not take much space, you should pay to it as much attention as to the rest of the yard. Be especially careful with choosing materials, since it is them that are the basis of a new construction. Think also of the size of the patio. […]

Water Is a Useful Decoration for Every Yard

Many people believe that a simple and small pool in small backyard is a necessary element which is needed for those who would like to refresh during a hot summer day. Someone thinks that building a pool for a small backyard is a very hard thing. But the result is really impressive: you will discover a new kind of entertainment right next to your place! All you need is imagination, smart planning, and just some […]

Ideas How to Design Your Small Backyard

A backyard is a thing you need for cozy atmosphere around your house. Here you will find some ideas for landscaping a small backyard. Divide your backyard into several zones. Create several areas: for rest, cooking, having a meal. Due to technology development you can have in your yard almost everything you have in a house. Use the same colors and small backyard ideas that you used for the inner space of your house. Thus, […]

Synthetic Turf Peculiarities

Synthetic turf grass requires regular care for preserving its beauty. When necessary procedures are not conducted, quality of synthetic turf becomes much worse. But every person who has a garden should understand that this kind of covering is much easier to care about than numerous plants. Though, synthetic turf maintenance is very important. We should mention that you do not have to cover the whole area with synthetic turf, because in this case landscape design […]

Weeping Willow: Interesting Landscaping Ideas

A weeping willow is considered to be one of the most interesting and picturesque trees for a garden. They just start gaining popularity and are used by both designers and ordinary gardeners. Weeping willow trees look good on the areas of various kinds. They can be swamped zones, designer gardens, and usual territories near houses covered with grass. Despite a weeping willow tree is a decorative tree, it is easy to care about it. This […]

Correct Flower Beds for Your Garden

Do you know that correct arrangement of flower beds is an essential part of landscape design? A flower bed can become not only a picturesque corner of your garden, but also connection between a building and landscape compositions. With the help of flower bed design ideas you can make a harmonious picture of your house and garden. Thus, the atmosphere of coziness will be created. Flower beds can have a regular shape, rectangular or oval […]

Japanese Garden on a Small Area

How can people create small rock gardens without refusing of the idea to expand the space visually? This task fulfillment seems to be impossible, but some designers can preserve atmosphere of a real Japanese garden despite of using a big number of decoration elements. A walk through a small rock garden can be inspiring as well. One of the most attractive corners here can be a group of modern fountains with vases full of stones. […]

A Self-Made Rock River for Your Garden

Designers use different tricks in order to transform usual gardens into fantastic zones for having a rest. A river rock garden is one of the most popular ideas of modern landscaping where water is not present, but only stones that imitate a brook. The main advantage of this design element is that it is possible to create a dry brook without significant expenses. This kind of decoration is widely used in Japan. Water is associated […]

Japanese Garden for Your Harmony

Japanese gardens can be different: some of them are meant for meditation, some for entertainment, some for walks, and, eventually, gardens for tea ceremonies. But no matter what the purpose for garden creation is, aesthetic principles are more or less the same. If you follow them, you will have harmonious space full of delight and peace. You will see that your own garden can become the most perfect place you have ever seen. A Japanese […]

Rocks in Your Garden: How to Place Stones Correctly

Those who like philosophy of the East will be delighted at the idea of Japanese rock garden which really helps to relax. It is not very hard to fulfill this idea, especially since there are a lot of variants of such a landscape composition. Every kind of this design reflects the inner self of its creator. Many people think that rock garden designs are not a big problem. The most important point is to choose […]