Photinia As a Zest of Your Place

Elegant Photinia for Landscaping

Photinia cannot be called an ordinary plant, and this is not just because of red leaves it has, but also because it can help make a great fence and hide from neighbors and other people who drive or walk by your place. Using photinia for landscaping is a great idea, but at the same time you should know many important things about its maintenance.

Photinia is beautiful due to its red leaves and also due to white flowers and then red fruit it has in spring. Unfortunately, sometimes its look can be spoiled because of photinia diseases. What should be done to prevent those harmful diseases of this wonderful bush? The soil shouldn’t be always wet, so it must be well-drained. The bushes grow well in the sun. Partial shade will also be fine. Photinia bushes must not grow too close to each other or a disease will surely come.

Fresh Idea Using Photinia for Landscaping

What if a disease still happened? The disease we mean looks like circles on leaves. It is caused by a specific fungus and you have to avoid its spreading on the rest of a bush which is healthy. Pruning will help in this case. Covering the leaves with mulch can be useful as well.

We hope you will enjoy your photinia fence during a very long time if you really choose it for your garden or yard. Just think of correct maintenance and no disease will spoil a pleasant and interesting look of your place.

Fairy Photinia for Landscaping

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