Artificial Materials in a Garden

Artificial Turf For Your Home

Now the tendency to use artificial cover for gardens and yards becomes more and more popular. It is hard to say, whether it is better or worse than the natural one. First of all, you have to find out all the pros and cons of using a certain material. The most common artificial thing for a garden is artificial grass. It is convenient not only for sports grounds, but also for the areas next to a house.

The main benefits of the artificial grass as well as artificial turf are: stable color during the whole year; convenience, no matter what weather conditions are; easy care. The main drawback: artificial materials, including grass and artificial flowers, do not smell like real. Their smell does not make you closer to nature, which is so important when you are sitting in your own garden.

Good Artificial Plants

Though, an interesting designers’ trick exists: artificial plants can be combined with natural ones. Thus, you will have an unusual landscape design. Actually, it’s up to you to decide, whether to use an artificial cover and other artificial things for your garden or not. Just remember that they should harmonize with the general style of your garden. Your convenience is also important. In any case, artificial cover helps to save time, which is so essential nowadays. This is why it takes an important place in landscape design.

12 Photos of the Artificial Materials in a Garden

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