Space Saving in a Small Patio


If your patio is not big and it is impossible to put a lot of things there, it is still possible to use some tricks that will help you save enough space. Below you will find some small patio ideas.

  • First of all, you can use built-in furniture in your patio. This can be built-in benches, for example. In this case you will need no additional chairs around your table and save really much space.
  • You should match shapes. If your patio is round, a table should be round as well, and if a patio is square, table corners must be also present.
  • There is a great advantage of a small patio: you can use as much bright colors as you wish. In small space they will be very pleasant to the eye.
  • Try to place furniture in the corners of your patio. It will help you save space as well.
  • If your patio is narrow, place a narrow table there and two benches on both sides instead of chairs.
  • A green lawn next to the patio will make the space around it seem deeper. This is one of the most popular ideas of small patio landscaping.
  • It is not necessary to put a table in a patio. If you are not going to eat there, refuse from a table and place two cozy arm-chairs there.
  • If your patio is small, it is not necessary to use only small things. Perhaps, sometimes it is better to use one big thing, a sofa, for example, than many small and inconvenient items.

We hope now you imagine what your small patio will be like. Use our tips and arrange your cozy place according to your taste!

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