Simple Landscape Design: Peculiarities and Fresh Ideas


First of all, we should say that nice, picturesque, but simple garden designs require preparation. There are different stages of this process.

In the beginning the area must be divided into zones which are a garden, flowerbeds, rest zone, area for children, and place for utility supplies. At the second stage a drawing should be made where paths, plant areas are marked. At the same time greening plan must be made, since it is an integral part of every landscape design, even if you are going to apply only simple garden ideas.

The next step is arrangement of an artificial pond or other water body. A moisture source will match the whole surrounding perfectly, make it more romantic, let many kinds of plants grow better. A rest zone, an arbor not far from the source, is a nice decision that can help anyone to relax.

Decorating the garden with grass and stones is an idea that will make the area interesting. Grass is a nice background for flowers. Besides, it maintains humidity and absorbs noise. It is not so hard to care about it, you just have to cut it once a week. If you decorate your garden with compositions made of stones, you should choose such stones and combinations which match the plants, pond, and house front. Decorative lighting will make the landscape look impressing even at night.

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