“Idle” Gardens for Minimum Efforts


What is a low maintenance garden? First, we should say that it has nothing to do with a garden full of weeds or a neglected garden. Any garden must be maintained. Every person has his or her vision of low maintenance landscaping: someone does not like to cut a lawn, and someone considers it to be a real pleasure. The same can be said about watering and other garden works. So, this is a matter of minimizing the works which you like least of all.

First, a garden starts with planning, rationality, and soundness of a certain gardener. Everything depends on knowledge and experience here. Many things depend on a garden layout, soil preparation, drainage laying, and other works which can make your garden beautiful and easy to maintain.

You should choose plants that will grow good in your climate, won’t demand too much watering, and have no advance growth. Perennial plants, ornamental bushes, and trees will be perfect in this case. On the one hand, it is better to have low trees in a garden in order it was easier to cut them. On the other hand, it is not so easy to work under low branches.

Of course, your garden is your personal area access to which is limited for other people. Nevertheless, some garden works require physical strength, so it is better sometimes to hire gardeners if you really would like to have a low maintenance garden. It will save your efforts and time, as well as release you from creative works outside.

12 Photos of the “Idle” Gardens for Minimum Efforts

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