Ideas for Using Gravel for Landscaping

Pea Gravel For Your Garden

With the help of gravel really modern and stylish landscape design can be created. This material reflects a popular tendency towards creating a decorative landscape and can be used in a garden and yard in different ways.

Decorative gravel for landscaping can be successfully combined with natural materials. In addition, the usage of various landscape gravel types helps to create wonderful compositions. Gravel can be used for the following purposes: making a gravel driveway, arranging lawns and flower beds, decorating fountains, pools, pots, and sculptures.

Decorative Gravel For Landscaping Review

In order weeds could not grow through gravel, oilcloth is put under it. Sand and gravel are often mixed with shells for creating marine design. These landscape areas look good near ponds or pools. In order to make this effect stronger, you can use small sculptures of marine animals: turtles, fish, and jelly fish. When creating a gravel garden and gravel flower-beds, choose plants that are easy to care: snakeroot, euphorbia, tamarix, meadow pink, and others. If you live in a warm climate, succulent plants and cacti will grow in gravel well. Gravel for walkways can be used together with stone blocks and ceramic tile, natural wood and grass. The examples of gravel landscaping on pictures in Internet will help you pick up new ideas and create your own unique project of the garden decoration.

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