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Hillside Landscaping For Your Home

Hillside landscaping is considered to be one of the most challenging as it may influence the stability of your site. Many designers refuse to start work with such a type of landscaping as it is responsible and painstaking. So one must know the main rules of hillside organization to avoid serious problems and create a breathtaking and unique design.

There are two main kinds of slopes met on private territories: natural undisturbed ones or artificial cut-and-fill ones. Each of them should be taken separately as the process of their adornment is different. Another vital issue to take into account is view: placed on hills homes are usually chosen by people, who have appreciated the beauty of view so planning your landscaping do not change the height of plants in the view corridor. The slope must be taken up as gradually as possible, for example with a grade of several small terraces. It is more secure and there won’t be problems with the arrangement of topsoil and planting. To avoid sloughing off use trees with a deep network of roots and shrubs. One more important aspect is accessibility and maintenance: there should be a through-way provided for these purposes.

Simple Hillside Landscaping

Planning your hillside landscaping always keep in mind that slopes are more exposed to fires and failures. It must be taken into account while planning your changes. In addition, it is always better to ask a professional hillside landscaping designer for advice to organize everything both in secure and creative way.

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