Create Your Kind of Landscape near Your Cottage


If you have a cottage or just a country house, you surely have space for embodiment of your creative ideas. Cottage landscaping ideas mean most often that you can decorate your garden with flowers of different kinds and colors. You can find a lot of pictures reflecting interesting ways of decorating the area near a house. You have a chance to play with colors, forms, and height of the plants. The only thing you must do necessarily is taking care of the flowers you have.

But not only flowers and trees can help with cottage landscaping. There is an opportunity to give new look to your garden with the help of a unique fence. For example, a contrast of a white fence and bright flowers can be used.

So, what other ideas can we offer? Nice smell will fill your garden if you plant a lot of roses there. Roses can be of different color, it’s up to you. But there is one idea which will not leave anyone indifferent: it is nice when there are roses of different shades in a garden. They can be lilac, red, white, pink, yellow. Thus, your garden will seem to be a rainbow when the rosebushes are in blossom.

A garden without any flowers is also possible. You can have green grass everywhere around. Of course, grass should always be grazed, but in this case you will enjoy a tidy lawn near your house. Use your own way how to make your cottage look better outside!

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