Plant in Your Cottage Garden Everything You Love

Cottage Garden Flower Design

It is not necessary to arrange plants in your cottage garden in regular patterns. In your personal garden you can plant anything you want, on any places and in any quantity. Create your own cottage garden design, and you will see that a garden can be reflection of your taste and mind. There are some tips as for easy cottage garden maintenance.

First of all, you don’t have to create a large garden if it is unnecessary. It is better to use more amusing cottage garden design ideas on a smaller area. Later, when you become more experienced and confident, you will expand your cottage garden. It is also advisable to start with a soil of a good quality. Thus, your plants will grow better from the very start. Using organic mulch is also to the point: it will moisturize the ground and prevent weed growth.

Charming Cottage Garden Design

Try to choose plants that are typical for your region, they will need less care. Besides, each plant should have its own right place. For example, distinguish between shade-loving and sun-loving plants. If you choose right spots for different plants, you will surely have healthy and beautiful flowers in your cottage garden. If you still don’t know how to layout you garden and if you are lost in cottage garden designs, address a professional or try to plan the area with the help of specific software.

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