Each Garden Can Become the Best Nowadays


There are a lot of garden styles, and everyone chooses a style which he or she likes most of all. But there is also contemporary landscape design which corresponds to the epoch we live in. So, what is a contemporary garden and how is it possible to create it near your house?

Technology development, urbanization, fast way of life are reflected in contemporary garden design too. Like other styles, contemporary style has many directions that differ from each other. At the same time, they have some common features which make them alike. There are often some elements in a contemporary garden which are typical for other styles. For example, it could be a garden in modern style with stylish accessories, contemporary sculptures, interesting plants, contrast colors.

What are the main characteristics of contemporary gardens? Since this style is closely connected with contemporary architecture, which stands out for its simplicity and severity, contrast tones, buildings of unusual shape (cube, ball, shell etc.), up-to-date materials (metal, glass, plastic), all these elements must be present in a garden. Decorating your garden you should remember that contemporary style permits combining up-to-date architectural shapes and green oasis full of plants.

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