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Concrete Pavers with Glass

The most economical and practical material for garden decor is concrete. If you are not ready every day to wash the porch, the track is better to make a solid and use a stone or concrete blocks. Concrete pavers, perhaps, have the highest popularity in the suburban areas of our country. Such tracks are cold-resistant, durable, very strong and relatively inexpensive. Concrete tiles can be used for footpaths and road tolls. Sami plates can be made of stone or concrete and have different configurations: hexagon, wave, brick, angle, etc. It is also easy to change and the color of the coating, the main thing – in time to add the right amount of concrete in special dyes

Concrete pavers will look good in the garden, completed in the Art Nouveau style or high-tech. A certain strictness and coldness inherent in this material is perfectly combined with metals and plastics, as well as such track is much easier to wash and clean from dirt. The main disadvantage – it is not the most presentable (with the incorrect design).

Concrete Pavers for Front Yard

Concrete pavers can be filled with their own hands, or put finished concrete slabs. For rugged terrain and also for places where walking is not too often, you can approach path of the individual (single) stones. In addition, this option is suitable for cases where the path is very long – to pave its continuous web, will require significant costs. Such concrete pavers are invisible, but very decorative, well in tune with lawn. It is true that it is not completely lost in the grass, “stones” made of concrete should be done sufficiently broad. The distance between the individual stones is 50-60 cm (average stride length with a quiet walk).

A significant element of concrete pavers is the border, which often remains in some shade. On the one hand it gives the paving completeness zone attractive fashioned complementary material covering the track. But much more important than its practical importance – it strengthens and helps to maintain the shape of the track structure.

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