Rocky Yard Will Please Your Eye

Front Yard Rock Way Landscaping
Front Yard Rock Landscaping With Flower AccentsModern Front Yard Rock LandscapingFront Yard Rock Landscaping With PlantsFabulous Front Yard Rock Landscaping

When home owners decorate their front yards, they use not only flowers, bushes, trees, and grass. Front yard rock landscaping is also very popular nowadays. In this case decorative rocks are taken in order […]

Decorative Rocks Next to Your House

River slicks are rocks taken from a river bank. In many cases they are a perfect decision for garden design. They can bring to your garden or yard a spirit of nature. Besides, a […]

Japanese Garden on a Small Area

How can people create small rock gardens without refusing of the idea to expand the space visually? This task fulfillment seems to be impossible, but some designers can preserve atmosphere of a real Japanese […]

A Self-Made Rock River for Your Garden

Designers use different tricks in order to transform usual gardens into fantastic zones for having a rest. A river rock garden is one of the most popular ideas of modern landscaping where water is […]

Japanese Garden for Your Harmony

Japanese gardens can be different: some of them are meant for meditation, some for entertainment, some for walks, and, eventually, gardens for tea ceremonies. But no matter what the purpose for garden creation is, […]

Rocks in Your Garden: How to Place Stones Correctly

Those who like philosophy of the East will be delighted at the idea of Japanese rock garden which really helps to relax. It is not very hard to fulfill this idea, especially since there […]